Our Core Belief

We believe every individual holds unique capacities to impact the betterment of the world, and education releases that capacity.

What We Do

We are a pioneer in the creation of intersegmental Learning Collaboratives that align, mobilize, and equip our partners with the tools and resources to create greater, more equitable post-secondary attainment for all students. As an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit, we are dedicated to supporting educational systems anywhere in the U.S. that have a demonstrated need and desire for our proven framework.

Each Learning Collaborative we set up consists of leaders, researchers, practitioners, and students representing a place-based or priority-focused group of school districts, colleges, universities, education-focused organizations, and workforce partners. Learning Collaboratives all share a common, equity focused purpose: to facilitate the advancement of all students, particularly underrepresented students, to and through college and into life-sustaining and impactful careers. LCI provides technical assistance and research support for partners to articulate and align systems and practices to advance shared goals, as informed by student voice and student data. We co-create and execute evidence-based strategic plans in each Collaborative to equitably advance all students, particularly low-income, first-generation populations, and students of color, through PK-12 and postsecondary education and into viable career fields and meaningful work.

Using data, we identify the needs and challenges to address, and we use insights from our research to inform shared strategic plans around aligned goals. We create evidence-based tools, trainings, and resources to share with our partners to advance their work and outcomes. Our proven strategic priorities, such as near peer college mentoring and college dual enrollment for high school students, create more equitable pathways to college and career success.

Our Core Services include:

Development of intersegmental and cross-sectoral collaboratives for student success

Facilitation of all aspects of collaborative operations

Development of data sharing and data management systems for collaboratives

Research and evaluation for evidence-based strategic planning, progress monitoring, and continuous improvement of collaborative strategies and outcomes

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to uplift individuals and communities through educational and career equity and attainment, so that all may thrive.

LCI utilizes the validated LCI Framework© for evidence-based collaboration within our intersegmental partnerships with the aim for all students, particularly low-income, first-generation populations, and students of color, to complete secondary education and attain degree and/or certificate pathways toward meaningful and life-sustaining careers.


We envision a more just world where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity for a meaningful and prosperous life. Our work toward building more equitable educational systems equips learners and leaders to implement effective equity and social justice strategies, improving lives today and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.


We believe all people have the right to an education that enables them to fulfill their highest potential. We engage educational learners and leaders, and use data and evidence-based strategies to strengthen and align systems, so that students can thrive in achieving educational and career success.


Since our founding we have been aligned in the values that drive our work:

  • Respect and social justice for all humanity
  • Rigorous exploration and discovery
  • Welcoming, trusted, and inclusive collaboration
  • Integrity, transparency, and accountability
  • Urgent and agile action, driven by local needs
  • Results-orientation and sustainable change

Some of our State and National Partners

Our work is further strengthened by experts from organizations that guide and support post-secondary education and training, data science, and policy and practices to drive change in education and workforce systems.

Meet the Core Support Team

Nazanin Zargarpour,

M.P.P., PH.D.

Founding Executive Director

Stephanie Baker,


Capacity-Building Lead

Mike Knapp,


Data Manager & Senior Researcher

Ally Davis,


Researcher & Dissemination Lead

Devin Larsen,



Michelle Blaya Burgo


Operations Lead & Research Assistant

Xitao Liu,


Research Assistant