We work with our intersegmental partners in each Collaborative to identify the specific needs and challenges they face. We engage a variety of voices and use data to inform our strategic approach.

Using our Learning Collaborative Framework© of collaboration, we create evidence-based tools, trainings, and resources that enable our partners to advance their work and outcomes. Our proven strategic priorities, such as near peer college mentoring and college dual enrollment for high school students, create more equitable pathways to college and career success.

Our Strategic Priorities

Pathways Articulation & Alignment
Pipeline Advising for Students & Families and Advising
Dual Enrollment & College in High School
Near-Peer College Mentoring
Transfer Culture, Infrastructure, & Advising

Case Study – LC @ Pomona

Our work began in 2015 with the Pomona Unified School District in Pomona, California. Our pioneering work led to unprecedented increases in college attainment for low-income and minority students. Some of the results are outlined in the case study below. The Framework validated through this pilot program laid the foundation for our work with educational institutions in other communities around the U.S.