Data-Driven Insights Across Regional Education Pipeline Partnerships

The Learning Collaborative Institute (LCI) is excited to announce the launch of LCInsights, a monthly blog post of the Learning Collaborative Institute! Here, we will connect you with data-driven insights from our intersegmental work towards advancing educational outcomes for students across the pipeline and beyond.

LCI Makes Intentional Impacts on Regional Education

The Learning Collaborative Institute's pioneering Learning Collaborative, LC@Pomona (formerly known as the Regional Learning Collaborative) was born from a single data point: In 2015, PUSD students who enrolled in local community colleges were disengaging at concerning rates without having earned a single college credit. Root cause analysis showed that they were placed in non-credit developmental courses. Within two years of its founding, the LC@Pomona implemented high-impact developmental education reforms, and the LC@Pomona Partners reversed the rate of enrollment in credit-bearing, transfer level courses!

Unlocking Trends, Bolstering Equity

As students navigate the education pipeline, their postsecondary plans following high school graduation are varied and complex. Understanding the data behind why and how students pursue different routes and their experiences across the various educational paths is crucial. The outcomes associated with these experiences enable us to highlight current promising practices, as well as to give strong recommendations around bolstering equitable educational experiences and outcomes.

Some of the key areas of evidence-based practice and inquiry that we are currently focused on include:

  • Gaining key insights into how underrepresented groups of students’ college aspirations, preparation and planning, access, and attainment can be supported across the educational pipeline
  • Formulating and implementing key strategies to increase knowledge and decision-making around post-secondary education and careers through programs such as Dual Enrollment, Advising & Counseling, and others.
  • Developing and implementing inclusivity, equity, and accessibility as standards in education at all levels

What to Expect?

LCInsights posts will explore key data collected across our regional Pipeline Partners to highlight: student experiences, trends, bright spots, and areas for growth in key priority areas shown below.

Within each research area, members of our team will share expert analysis in digestible, short blog posts. You can expect: interesting data visualizations, key takeaways, and strategic recommendations. We will address equity, access, and inclusion in the success of students as they navigate high school, college, and beyond.

Keep in Touch!

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LCI Core Support Team is led by Dr. Nazanin Zargarpour and includes Stephanie Baker, Dr. Mike Knapp, Devin Larsen, Xitao Liu, Michelle Blaya Burgo, and Dr. Ally Davis.